Real life is really....

....messing with me and f***ing me over, guys, for real. u.u
I've been so swamped, and still so swamped that these days I only turn on my laptop during week-ends and sometimes not even then; I tried making new reviews, but I really couldn't find the material time to open my editor and Photoshop let alone make a review.
Sadly it's quite possible that this trend will continue at the very least until Christmas, as I'm not gonna magically gain more time - on the contrary, I might even get less; I swear I'll try to post at least one reviews before Xmas, so stay tuned for it.

Also, FanUpdate broke down again same way as it did one several times: I posted an entry but it didn't show on the site; so, now I have to delete FU and install either FusionNews or Cutenews (I'm not sure Ariel allows the second, though)...just great. v.v

I have to go now, as I'm terribly tired and sleepy which means off to bed; see you on next post. Take care, guys, and have a great week; cheers. XOXO
On December 08, 2015  |  Posted by Nijiko