About the site

I love reviews sites and have often thought of opening my own, but the monumentality of the task scared me and 'pushed me away' from this project; then one day, after browsing one of my favorite reviews sites, my I-want-one-too inner voice went crazy greedy and I decided to follow it.
I had a japanese name ready for the site, used to apply to Breanne's LoveInvasion subdomain service; mid-way through application I found the name Paper Heart, which was way better than the other.
Breanne vanished without notice one day, leaving me stranded; I got a .info domain thanks to promos, and Ariel from Snowblush accepted my hosting application. This leads to Paperheart.info; here are some basic stats for the site.

Webmaster :: Nijiko.
Site name :: Seahaven.
Domain :: Register.
Hosting :: Ariel.
Open Since :: April 15, 2015.
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